Reflecting on the Success of BNI UAE’s Expo 2024: A Doorsec Perspective

BNI UAE’s Expo

On April 27, 2024, professionals from across the UAE gathered at the Jafza One Convention Centre in Dubai for the highly anticipated BNI UAE’s Expo 2024. As an executive partner of the event, Doorsec played a pivotal role in ensuring its success, leaving a lasting impact on attendees and exhibitors alike.

Doorsec’s Contributions:

Throughout the expo, Doorsec took centre stage, briefing other business owners about its comprehensive security services, including Doorsec Security Service and Doorsec Technical Services. The team showcased its expertise in safeguarding businesses and premises, offering tailored solutions to address the unique security needs of each client.

Interactions with Other Businesses:

As a proud member of the BNI Warriors chapter, Doorsec actively engaged with fellow members and exhibitors, forging valuable connections and fostering collaboration within the BNI community. Through one-on-one discussions and group briefings, Doorsec explored opportunities to enhance its services and support the growth of fellow businesses.

Highlights of Doorsec’s Presence:

1. Networking Opportunities:

Doorsec leveraged the expo as a platform to connect with industry leaders and decision-makers, expanding its network and reinforcing its position as a trusted security partner.

2. Briefing Sessions:

In addition to showcasing its services, Doorsec conducted informative briefing sessions, educating business owners about the importance of robust security measures and how Doorsec’s solutions can mitigate risks and protect their assets.

3. Recognition and Awards:

Doorsec’s dedication to excellence did not go unnoticed, as the company received recognition for its outstanding contributions to the event and the BNI community at large. Awards ceremonies celebrated the remarkable achievements of businesses within the BNI network, further highlighting Doorsec’s commitment to excellence.


As the curtains closed on BNI UAE’s Expo 2024, Doorsec reflected on the success of the event and the meaningful connections forged. Through its active participation and unwavering commitment to excellence, Doorsec not only showcased its services but also contributed to the vibrant entrepreneurial ecosystem fostered by BNI UAE. Looking ahead, Doorsec remains dedicated to empowering businesses and safeguarding their success in an ever-evolving landscape.